Soft Skills Field Manual

The Unwritten Rules For Succeeding In The Workplace

The subtitle, The Unwritten Rules For Succeeding In The Workplace, best describes this 300 page newly released gem. While most human resource managers would welcome the opportunity to meet with each employee and outline what will get you promoted, what will get you noticed and what will get your fired, it simply doesn’t happen and unrealistic to think it would. Greg Coker uses battle-tested wisdom and personal experience based on 25 years in corporate America where he was a senior level manager for three fortune 500 organizations as well as a government regulator outlining those unwritten rules for succeeding in the workplace.

The book delivers on three ambitious goals: (1) Defines Soft Skills. While we talk about Soft Skills, few have a simple and understandable definition. (2) Builds the business and life case for Soft Skills. The lack of Soft Skills are not only costing business billions of dollars in absenteeism, the drama in the workplace, retraining, lost customers, etc., it’s having an equally negative impact on families, communities in the form of incarceration, road rage, divorce, bullying, etc. (3) Provides easy to understand, non academic, immediately usable tools and strategies designed to enhance both personal and organization effectiveness. Let’s be honest, most books and workshops of this nature are more theory than practical tools that actually enhance both individual and organizational effectiveness.

One of the few books totally dedicated to Soft Skills, Greg Coker expands this relatively new classification of “getting along” in the workplace to much more than basic communication. Topics include: The power of purpose, rising above personal and organizational setbacks, employee engagement, leadership and management, numerous communication models, self-disclosure, forgiveness and reconciliation, coaching, performance reviews, change, teamwork, culture, customer service, problem solving and the dynamics that occur in modern day organizations. At the end of most chapters are questions for consideration and suggestions for action making this book an excellent source for discussion and a wonderful teambuilding opportunity.

While Soft Skills Field Manual: The Unwritten Rules For Succeeding In The Workplace accompanies Greg Coker’s Soft Skills Boot Camp; this book is a wonderful stand-alone resource and a valuable addition to everyone’s library.

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